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   The Tinódi Lantos Sebestyén Reformed Primary School was founded in 1996. Later, with the launching of fine art and applied art branches berides musical art, our institution became a first grade school of arts.

   From the school year 2002/2003 on primary school education has been launched. Following the enlargement our institution has been given the name Tinódi Lantos Sebestyén Reformed Primary School and First Grade School of Fine Arts.

   Besides students starting and pursuing their studies at our school, students from other educational institutions can take part at the artistic instructions of our school. At present the following branches of study are being taught within the framework of artistic instruction: flute, violin, pottery, organ, drawing-painting, brass instruments, keyboard instruments - synthesizer, media, folk dance, percussion instruments - drums and piano.

   Our school organizes monthly musical devotions, at which students of music and art of dancing have the opportunity for a debut. Our students' works of fine art can be viewed by those interested in these at our exhibitions. We participate regularly at the meetings of the art schools, at festivals and at different contests. Our school, too, often hosts similar programmes like: folk song singing contest, choir meetings, church music camps, reading of poetry contests. "The Summer Evening Organ Music" concert series is organized yearly in the building of the reformed church, at which famous artists make their appearance.

   Our connections abroad are also significant. Teachers, students of our school often tour, appear with programmes on stage abroad.


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